Basement Flooding


Flooding in your basement can be caused by a variety of reasons, from frozen pipes to seasonal flooding, but the results are usually the same...a big wet mess!  Before anything can be done, the cause of the flood needs to be figured out to stop any further damage, if possible.  With water intrusion that enters or seeps through your foundation or openings in your structure from seasonal flooding, such as during heavy rains, you pretty much have to wait until the weather subsides to start the cleanup process.  You don't want to clean everything up before you solve the problem, just to have it flood again.  Most insurance companies will not cover water intrusion through the foundation or openings in your structure.  However, each policy is different.  If you are considering filing a claim for water damage, our 24/7 live service can help you make that determination, many times right over the phone. 

Frozen pipes are a different story.  If water sits in a pipe and the temperature drops so low that the water

in that pipe freezes, causing expansion within the pipe, the pipe will finally give way and crack or break

depending on the condition and age of the pipe.  However, you will not know this until the temperature

rises allowing the frozen pipe to thaw, letting the water to run out of the new crack or break.  In this case,

your first step is to call your plumber, so that they can stop the leaking of more water by fixing the problem

as soon as possible.  Your plumber can also tell you if there is anything you should do to help the situation

before they arrive at your home or business.  If you do not know of a reputable plumber, we can help by

offering the names of reputable plumbing companies that we have worked with.

Sewage backup is a dirty, wet mess with health hazards all of its own.  When your basement has sewage backing up from a failed sump pump, ejector pump, power outage, or for any other reason, replacement of the failed item should be done as soon as possible.  Once the new pump is installed or the power comes back on, you are ready for the cleanup process to begin.  However, this is not for the faint of heart!  Due to the foulness, possible toxicity, and hazardous nature of this mess, only professional remediation will eliminate the health dangers such a disaster poses.  AMFW Restoration & Remediation Services can handle even the worst sewage contaminated job while protecting the integrity of the rest of your home or office to prevent further contamination to areas not originally affected. Our anti-bacterial and disinfecting services and products will safely bring your home or business back to the health and cleanliness standards you were used to before this loss.

Our Techniques

Water damage can occur any time of year to any type of structure.  It's important to realize that water, simply by nature, will follow the path of least resistance, meaning that it will find any opening to run out of, no matter where or how small.  That can sometimes make it very difficult to find.  Most restoration companies will want to open up random walls to try to find the origination of the water leak, which leads to expensive and unnecessary reconstruction.  Our state of the art equipment can provide discovery without unnecessary tear outs or demolition, saving you money, time and aggravation.  With the use of thermal cameras, direct injectable drying systems and our proven techniques for structural drying, we are able to bring your home or business back to its pre-loss condition quicker than other restoration companies.

Some other non-weather related causes of water damage can be:

  • Old or deteriorating water pipes

  • Toilet malfunction

  • Refrigerator ice maker lines

  • Roof leakage

  • Faulty plumbing with bad connectors or seals

  • Human error

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