When the Unthinkable Happens

You may be in shock from the initial devastation of a fire, but it is important to know that at AMFW we follow the proper steps to achieve a complete fire restoration.  The process of fire restoration can be very involved. From clean up to structural restoration we will bring you back to pre-loss conditions quicker, safer, and more cost effectively than other restoration companies.

Immediacy is the Key

The first step in fire restoration is to clean up as much of the area as possible, as soon as possible.  If not immediately cleaned, soot residue and permanent damage can incur.  Within minutes of fire damage, discoloring of appliances may occur.  After a few hours, acid, a by-product of fire, will stain many areas of your home.  Walls will become discolored permanently and items will begin to rust due to the acid residue after just a couple of days.  If allowed to continue, the acid left behind can permanently damage your home's structure, furnishings and personal items.  For these reasons it is crucial that the clean up process starts as soon as possible.  Our 24/7 emergency service allows us to get to your home or business within minutes of receiving your call for help to start the process immediately, eliminating the possibility of further damage.

The Process of Fire Restoration

AMFW utilizes the fire restoration techniques set forth by the national agencies certifying firms for restoration and remediation purposes.  Our technicians will provide the following services to achieve the highest quality of restoration possible, giving you peace of mind during a very stressful time:

  • Removal of all unsalvageable structures, furnishings, appliances, and personal items

  • Removal of sources of odor, where possible

  • Detailed cleaning of all affected salvageable items

  • Removal of lingering odors with approved counteractants and deodorizing fog

  • Sealant applied to salvageable items and porous structures to encapsulate odor and prevent further recontamination

Insurance Claims

Our insurance processing department can handle all aspects of your insurance claim for you. We work with over 150 insurance companies, knowing the individual requirements of each company, including coding, daily logs, statistical readings, pictures, and claim submission.  It's vital to know these requirements of each company to avoid delayed approval of coverage or possible denial. 

We will meet with your adjuster to help answer questions regarding necessary services, file your claim in the correct format, and monitor the status regularly until completed.

Reconstruction Services

After all clean up and restoration processes have been completed, you are now ready to put your home or business back to it's pre-loss condition with reconstruction.  You may have a favorite remodeling contractor or construction company that you would like to use.  It is completely your decision on who you want to do the reconstruction, however AMFW specializes in the need for minimal reconstruction after all restoration and remediation processes have been completed.  With our technical expertise, construction experience, and state of the art equipment, we have the most cost effective reconstruction methods to bring your home or business back to it's pre-loss state without sacrificing the quality you expect.  Our construction team of qualified carpenters, HVAC contractors, plumbers, and electricians will work together to streamline the process, making it as non-disruptive to your life as possible.  By hiring AMFW Restoration & Remediation Services, you will have peace of mind during this stressful time, knowing that you hired the right company to take care of the technical side of everything, so that you can focus on restoring the important personal aspects of such a dreadful occurrence.

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