Our Training: 

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has people concerned about their safety and ways to protect themselves, their          households, businesses, and community.  As a professional restoration & remediation company already mitigating hazardous situations, we saw the need and responsibility to help, so AMFW took the necessary CDC & OSHA training to effectively clean, disinfect and remediate Coronavirus enviornments.  We are now dedicated to handle the effects and results of this global pandemic by providing and delivering rapid emergency response 24/7 to homes, businesses, and communities. 

Why Hire Us:

In biohazard remediation, cross-contamination is the leading cause of failed biohazard remediation.  This can be due to a number of factors, the most common being untrained restoration companies and other inadequately trained contractors      doing this specialized type of work.  This can be extremely dangerous to everyone involved in the process and will no            doubt extend the outbreak.  AMFW Restoration & Remediation Services adheres to the CDC & OSHA guidelines and             standards in the professional manner expected, paying extreme attention to the importance of this type of biohazard            remediation. We  strictly follow the cleaning and disinfecting protocol outlined in detail by these national agencies                governing infectious diseases, along with the IICRC, the governing body for all restoration and remediation firms.  Due        to the newness of this virus, these governmental agencies are constantly reviewing and updating policies and protocol.        We continually refer to the guidelines and standards of these agencies to keep up to date on solutions and concerns for      this pandemic.  We use only CDC, IICRC and EPA registered and approved cleaners and disinfectants in all our services.

Our Protocol:

When AMFW Restoration arrives at your home or business, all infected materials and structures

are first analyzed to determine the level  of infection.  This helps to dictate the type of protocol and products to use for safe and effective remediation.  We clean all touch points, vertical surfaces, walls, floors and carpeting with an industry approved cleaner to remove debris that may be trapping and holding the contaminants.  The next step is the careful and thorough application of CDC approved and EPA registered disinfectants for the required kill time.  Other services that may be considered and administered are fogging with a CDC approved disinfectant, placement of HEPA air scrubbers, and the    set up and maintenance of negative air containment.