Musty Smells and Other Odors

It's important to realize that if you smell unpleasant odors in your home or office the only truly effective way to eliminate them is to remove the cause of the odor.  However, that can be tricky, especially with musty odors, the smell typically associated with mold.  Other odors such as pet accidents are easier to eliminate once the area is discovered. Professional remediation with an activated enzymatic cleaning solution is recommended for affected areas that can be seen and treated, such as carpeting, drywall or furniture.  Typically, a HEPA certified air scrubber will then be used to for a period of 48 hours to 'scrub' the residual odor from the air after remediation and cleaning is completed.

Testing Your Home for Mold

Most types of mold spread quickly from one area of the home to another, often growing in places where it's not easily seen, like under carpeting and floorboards, above ceiling tiles, inside walls, and inside heating and air conditioning ducts.  DIY mold test kits like those sold in home improvement stores are very limited and inaccurate due to the sensitivity of the process.  There are also different types of mold tests, including those meant to sample the air for mold and those meant to test for mold on surfaces.  A professional mold tester will be able to choose the right test for your issues, confirm the presence, location, and type of mold, as well as determine the most effective protocol for elimination.  All of our testing is done through an independent third party testing company to ensure the accuracy and integrity of all tests, avoiding conflicts of interest and biased results.

When is it Necessary to Call a Professional?

We recommend the following situations or concerns be addressed with professional testing:

  • Musty odors.

  • You or another member of your household have symptoms such as chronic sinus infections, sore throats, frequent headaches, coughing, wheezing, unexplained rash or hives, or unexplained fatigue.

  • You suspect there is hidden mold that you can't find.

  • You recently had a flood in your home or crawlspace.

  • Discovery of a leaky pipe.

  • Ice damning or roof leakage.

When in Doubt Call Us Out

We will come to your home or office to evaluate the need for:

  • Testing

  • Remediation plan and procedures

  • Post-remediation plan and procedures, if applicable

  • Post-testing, if applicable


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